What Is An In Kind Donation? A Complete Guide For Churches

in kind donation

For example, providing donations of medical supplies, building supplies, and manual labour during a period of disaster relief through a related charity can decrease the economic burdens on both the nonprofit and the community affected by the disaster. To figure out the fair market value of an in-kind gift, you’ll need to do a little research. If someone donated their professional services, ask for their hourly rate or what they’d have charged a paid client for the job they did for you. In-kind donations include physical property (stuff!), intangible property , services, and rent-free space. Anytime someone donates a physical object or shares their professional expertise, you’re most likely dealing with an in-kind donation. For example, when the hardware store donates lumber for new benches on the playground, or a graphic designer creates your logo pro bono, that’s an in-kind donation. Some of the downsides of gifts in kind may be mitigated by allowing recipients to communicate their needs to donors, thus helping donors and recipients match up.

The only time such accounting would be in effect is in cases such as I described above, when painting the facility was needed and factored into the organization’s expense budget. Never for random, donated, auction items, or for that matter, any GIKs which were not given to directly pay for budgeted expenses. The bookkeeper would understand that when, for example, you had a furrier donate a fur coat for your auction. Would your organization have made such a purchase in the first place? I am the Treasurer for my church and we have contracted with a website development company to revamp our site. They are charging us at a cost of $2,500 but indicate that the market value would be $12,500.

Second, the appraiser must consider all factors of the item when making an appraisal. As there must be a reasonable relationship between replacement cost and FMV, replacement cost rarely factors into fair market evaluations.

Risks Of Accepting In

My bookkeeper thinks that we also have top account for these items as an expense – since she said we would have had to buy them if we didn’t get them donated. I disagree and think they are simply a donation of value and there is not corresponding expense – which would in effect wipe out the value and inflate our expenses for which we had none. You can obtain pledges in advance of such accreditation, but generally not contributions which are tax-deductible to the donors. It’s this latter array of true In-Kind products and services you received which you should not attempt to acknowledge as an official value. OK to generalize the value, but never to make it sound official. My article deals with suggestions regarding how to recognize and acknowledge In-Kind donations by the receiving non-profit.

in kind donation

Can we count in-kind donations by board members, such as putting the program together for each production? Or, does in-kind make it more confusing and should we eliminate in-kind and just leave it as a cash donation?

When another organization donates to your nonprofit, saying “thank you” is the appropriate response. Beyond acknowledging the gift and expressing your gratitude, there are some other obligations you need to fulfill. Who you designate to handle this task will depend on your organizational structure and size. It might be your accounting/finance team or the development team. What’s most important is that you are properly recording in-kind donations and acknowledging each one appropriately.

Restricted Funds: What Are They? And Why Do They Matter?

While he may have sold “in-kind” items, cash to you was the result and you should state that amount. We have been receiving Gifts In Kind for longer than I have been on the board. Recently, the question has come up as to whether or not the value should show up on the company’s financial statements. The main reason for the question now seems to be whether they should be included in the “value” of the company, as we are seeking out like-valued companies in doing comparisons for things such as salaries and expenses. But, from what I see, though not an attorney, the Robotics Club can only thank you, and not even cite a value they saved by use of the barn, since I assume the barn is not a usual source of rental income. I cannot see how there can be a valuation regarding what you may claim as a tax-deduction unless what you offer as a donation of rental income.

in kind donation

But your organization may have a special line-item method of listing in-kind donations. Such action would simply be a “paper credit” if the work was not budgeted in the first place. If the product has a relevant and monetary benefit for you to accept to give half of the sponsorship, then indeed, it is an in-kind gift. You acknowledge it in exactly the way I suggest in my article above. Many donors request a dollar amount to be in their gift-in-kind acknowlegement letter.

Candid Learning Offers Information And Resources That Are Specifically Designed To Meet The Needs Of Grantseekers

He is a skilled carpenter, and originally he was to give of his time and materials, and we agreed to pay for an electrician and second laborer. In the end, the donor covered all costs and provided a detailed invoice of materials, labor for himself and the other two, totaling $18,000.

Just avoid what may look like the receipt of $100 in any form for IRS recognition. But I see a possible problem regarding the blessing of many members of the congregation paying for expenses, no matter how they do it. Being a source of non-profit fund-raising information, we are often reluctant to delve too deeply into what are complex legal matters, thus your need for an accountant of attorney skilled in non-profit law. Sorry for the comprehensive reply, but I simply was not sure how the software donation fit, or did not fit, with the direct and explicit operation of the Gala. Whatever IRS-related benefit the donor can obtain, is something entirely up to them to determine internally and through their tax advisers. Be paid the $3,000 then, in turn, write a check to the organization for $1,000.

A Detailed Breakdown Of Nonprofit Accounting Basics

Read again my article above and from the example there work as best you can to acknowledge an amount, but best in the way I describe–“saving our organization what we might have spent https://www.bookstime.com/ retail. The several national associations of non-profits, and “accredited” professionals themselves, overwhelmingly regard such contingent-pay arrangements as being unethical.

How they handle the value on their own books is to be according to standard accounting regulations and guidelines, their own finance department, and their outside auditor. You have no place in that process, other than give a defensible accounting of FMV for what you gave them. I’ve had a bad experience with gifts of $.01 for various reasons – calculating gift averages, LYBUNT SYBUNT work etc. Sorry to say, no legally binding agreement, means no contractual responsibility to pay you. As well, enter the key words regarding such a deal into a Google or Bing, or other search. There are a number of other explanations to be considered, such as the one I provided. Unless I am missing something, the organization does not know how to show respect and appreciation to its best supporters.

Gifts In Kind

Thus, appreciation of In-Kind gifts is not always expressed as effectively and graphically, but it can and should be. Recording these non-cash gifts allows a nonprofit organization to accurately present the types and value of contributions it receives to support its mission. Even though in-kind gifts are a major source of support for many nonprofits, recording and reporting them properly can present some unique challenges. Dedicated to helping people and communities by distributing corporate product donations to qualified nonprofit organizations. Good360, formerly Gifts in Kind International, facilitates the flow of corporate product donations to charitable programs through its national network of participating nonprofits. Large corporations and businesses are the most common source of in-kind donations for non-profit organizations, and their charitable giving is not the money to buy the required goods or services, but the goods and services themselves. In-kind donations are valued in monetary terms, and they should be recorded on a company’s budget for a value equal to the value of in-kind gifts the non-profit organization receives.

  • I wanted to make a strong-as-possible admonition to non-profits from providing what could be construed as “official” valuation to an in-kind donor who might not know better, and would declare that value in a tax report at risk.
  • You pay the composer the full commission fee of $6,000 and the composer in turn makes out a check to your orchestra in the amount of $3,000 as a tax-deductible donation.
  • Those closely connected to your organization will be your best bet for an in-kind donation or introduction to someone who can help you out.
  • Our school booster association received a donation of a time-share vacation with a market value of $2,400.
  • Automatic receipting can save your team countless hours, but how do you automate a receipt for a non-digital gift?

Tony, I think I’m finally getting my arms around this issue but want to ask a few more questions. Every year we hold a massive fund raiser and during the event we auction off a hand full of high ticket verbal auction items. Our Board of Directors is split on how we “book” the income. Half of them think that the buyer of the item should be credited with the net value, in other words, what they paid for it less the value. They also think that the donors should get credit for the gift in kind even though it was not cash. This method would mean that our buyers are only getting acknowledgement for a small portion of the check they wrote to buy the item. (A trip to Greece might retail for $17,000, the buyer pays $30,000. We send a thank you note to the donor and book $17,000 as income and then send a thank you to the buyer and book the additional $13,000 as income).


Donors know the immediate impact of their in-kind donation when they give it to a nonprofit. Recycles.org is a national exchange network hosting the Nonprofit Collects electronics for schools and educational organizations. Candid Learning offers information in kind donation and resources that are specifically designed to meet the needs of grantseekers. In both of these situations, there is a good match between the needs of an organization or the recipients of its aid, and the nature of the donation given.

Intangible donations like services are not required to be reported on this form. However, you should still record these services to remain compliant with GAAP standards. Other items, like lawyer services, may be more challenging to determine the value of. In general, for services, your organization should determine a fair value for the service provided per hour, then track the number of hours that service is provided to your organization. Finally, some states require nonprofits to record their in-kind donations, so be sure to check your state guidelines to see what your nonprofit requirements include. While your nonprofit likely appreciates any and all donations no matter the external circumstances of the world, in-kind donations are especially important and helpful for organizations during challenging economic times. Facilitates the exchange of excess inventory between companies from across the United States and deserving schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

Good360 helps companies resolve the business challenge of responsibly distributing excess goods for maximum impact and in doing so, we help our nonprofit partners deliver on their own important missions. Individuals facing challenging life circumstances get the goods they need, generating hope, and products are given a new life, reducing waste and helping build resilient communities for the future. Don’t accept donations that go against your nonprofit’s values. Do establish a gift acceptance policy to determine what your org will and won’t accept. The Council of Nonprofits has an informative guide on how to create a policy. Organizations which receive an item must complete an online reply form after the event, including the amount the item raised for the event, to be considered for future requests.

Target Corporate Giving Programs

That’s where your wording does not give an official value, as the IRS and the company’s finance manager/auditor would not be abke to claim it in the first place. He should be made to understand how those purchases work with the IRS, and that his receiving of a benefit should have his common sense, and sense of what is fair, show through and not expect a public listing of the type he is seeking. I always felt that extending ourselves to give simple paper credit when it makes a donor feel good, is a thoughtful thing to do, and our donors, always appreciated the effort and our thoughtfulness. I have always believed that we should apply to our donor listings and so recognize the total amount given in any fashion by all donors in a given fiscal year. Care should be taken to ensure that any donation of any kind was made when the now-new organization was actually accredited by the state and the IRS.

Sharing Your Donation Policy And Guidelines

The final message here is that you must regard all types of “In-Kind” gifts with the care and consideration they deserve. It’s so easy, and so appropriate to acknowledge “real” cash and securities properly.

If the GIK donor, or donors, along with their letters of transmittal, indicate their donated cost of the items, you do not include those costs in any way which can be construed as being an official value declaration for tax-deduction purposes. I do some accounting and donor accounting for a 501c3 that recently had an event video made. The company is charging us part of the cost and donating about $3000 of the cost. Any declaration for tax benefit by the group is totally up to them, their accountants and the IRS. They would find that any declaration for professional services donated would not be tax-deductible. This way of combining all of the cash and in-kind values in one amount was received with appreciation by our donors. As far as accounting for the value of complimentary items you may give to donors for their support, I think it is wise to always let donors know the Fair Market Value of any product you will give or did give them for their cash donations.

You can enter In-Kind donations in your software in any way suitable to your needs and understanding, doing so perhaps with suggestions from your annual, outside, auditor. In the instances appropriate, you can send them letters citing the value, in dollars, which so much relieves the needy receivers of the food from having to come up with, i.e., the money value to them. You don’t want to obtain donated space that you later find you cannot possibly use.

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