What is Kotlin, and why can it be great for the back end?

The first official version of Kotlin came in 2016 and got support for Android in 2017 by Google. In Kotlin 1.2 release, the sharing of code between JVM and JavaScript platforms feature was added and in Kotlin 1.3 release, Coroutines for asynchronous programming have been included. In the year 2019, Google endorsed its complete support to Kotlin announcing it as their preferred language for Android development.

What is Kotlin

Kotlin, on the other hand, was designed to compile quickly in the most frequent software development scenarios, and in fact often compiles faster than Java code. The question of whether to choose Kotlin or Scala doesn’t come up often in the Android community. If you look at GitHub and search for Android repositories, you’ll find about 50,000 that use Java, 24,000 that use Kotlin, and 73 that use Scala. Yes, it’s possible to write Android applications in Scala, but few developers bother. As more and more businesses stop using Java as their main programming language and switch to Kotlin, it is becoming clear that it has a lot of potential for the future. If there is room for growth in the future, there will definitely be room to move up in your career.

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Alongside a Digital Marketer, Fintech enthusiast, SaaS expert, reader, and keen follower of software trends. Often you may find him rocking downtown clubs with his guitar or inspecting ocean floor diving. Above all functions, how to hire a kotlin developer Kotlin has two particular kinds of functions named Lambda function and Inline function. In a Kotlin function, a return value depends on the requirement. If the function does not return its value, its type is unit.

What is Kotlin

Despite the temptation to throw them head to head in competition, Kotlin and Java both compile to bytecode, which means they can be used in conjunction in the same project. This includes 1.3 million active developers – people who edit code from one month to the next. Then in the year 2012, Kotlin’s first web demo was released along with a new logo and became an open-source language. The development of the Kotlin language was announced in the year 2011. It has become very popular since it is compatible with Java , which means that Java code can be used in Kotlin programs. It’s important to note that if you don’t specify a package in a source file, its content will go to the default package.


Java programming language was named java based on the island named Java in Indonesia. It can be named as the successor of java in the present industry. Kotlin is widely used to develop server-side applications, android applications, multiplatform mobile development, and much more. It is a kind of Java with some added https://globalcloudteam.com/ features; even the java libraries can also be used in the Kotlin project. Although Java is a really cool language, the developers of Kotlin focused more on simplifying the code and increasing transparency. The pros of using Kotlin as your main programming language for Android are hard for almost everyone to ignore.

What is Kotlin

Jemerov wanted a language that had all the features of more modern programming languages, would run on the JVM, and would compile as fast as Java. One of the hottest new programming languages, Kotlin is being prioritised by some of the world’s leading companies. Since first hitting the scene in 2016, this open-source language has quickly built a reputation as one of the key pillars to the future of development. In 2016, Kotlin 1.0 version was released, which was developed by Jet Brains in Russia. So the team decided to create a language that is compatible with Java and with all the features they wanted. When Kotlin was announced as an official Android development language at Google I/O in May 2017, it became the third language fully supported for Android, in addition to Java and C++.

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Though known for its relations with Android apps, it is also being used in other fields. Continue reading if you want to find out more about Kotlin and the benefits of using this programming language. Even though the syntax of the language is not compatible with Java, Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with it. This means that your existing codebase written in Java can interact properly with Kotlin, and vice versa. In the IDE, there is even a built-in automated Java-to-Kotlin converter.

  • Kotlin stands apart as a distinct language with notable advantages, particularly in the realm of functional programming.
  • Jupyter and Zeppelin, two tools used daily by many Data Scientists for data visualization and exploratory research, also support Kotlin.
  • For instance, the Kotlin standard library interoperates with Java by reusing the Java Collections API. Similarly, it interoperates with JavaScript in the context of Kotlin/JS.
  • While mastering its most advanced features will definitely take a lot of time and effort, getting to grips with the basics should be fairly straightforward.
  • Kotlin provides support for higher-order functions and anonymous functions or lambdas.

One of its primary features is productive programming—it provides many ways to reuse code between multiple platforms. At the Google I/O 2017 conference, Google announced that Kotlin would be the first officially supported program added to Android Studio. It included a new feature that enabled sharing code between JavaScript platforms and JVM. In 2019, Google announced that Kotlin was the preferred language of Android developers.

The key Kotlin benefits for developers

Now that you have gone through our What is Kotlin blog, you can check out Edureka’s Android developer certificationGot a question for us? Please mention it in the comments of “What is Kotlin” blog section and we will get back to you. Now, let me explain to you the terms in the above-written program. Following steps helps you to create and run a new Kotlin project in IntelliJ. IntelliJ IDEA. Kotlin comes bundled with the recent versions of IntelliJ. You don’t have to install any plug-in separately to run the Kotlin programs.

To learn how to code, you need time, effort, dedication, and practice. Before you decide to learn a new programming language, you need to figure out which one will serve your needs and goals the best. Kotlin is easy to use, works well, is safe, and is used by a lot of people. If you have any more questions, please don’t be afraid to look at our other programming blogs or get in touch with us for direct help. Even though it does allow top-level functions, the fact that Kotlin can be used for functional programming is only the beginning of the story. Some of the other features of the language are higher-order functions, anonymous functions, lambdas, inline functions, closures, tail recursion, and generics.

Features of Kotlin

Along with it, we will also give more examples of tools and apps built by Kotlin, and an estimation of the future of the language. Kotlin can be used for any kind of development, from server-side to client-side web development to development for Android and iOS. The fact that the language runs on JVM makes it possible to use the same code on many different platforms. If you’re a developer looking to learn more about Kotlin, check out our fourth suggestion from this list of great quality android app courses. Joining the Kotlin course at Mindmajix will certainly enable you to learn all the nuances of Kotlin and makes you an expert in building Android applications.

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